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Merriam-Webster's Medical Dictionary
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Customer Review: This is a great tool!
My wife just returned to doing medical transcription work from home. We needed a medical dictionary for the words she was not familiar with. We found the Merriam-Webster's Medical Audio Dictionary. However, we opted for the Merriam-Webster's Medical Dictionary with CD-ROM. We are very pleased with this medical dictionary, primarily because it is bundled with the CD-ROM.

The CD version of the dictionary includes a search engine. So, when doing transcription, the search engine can be used on the dictionary without having to pull out a book and sift through 57,000 definitions. This is a great bonus. The CD also includes abbreviations for the medical terms. They even included a feature allowing you to hear the word pronounced correctly. I only found one drawback to the search engine. When looking at the list of terms you have to click on a term to see the definition. Sometimes two words are spelled similarly and sound nearly the same. If the word you clicked on is not the word you need, you have to clear the search and start over - there is no way to return to the list of words from your original query. At least, we have not found a way to do so.

The dictionary itself contains 57,000 medical terms with understandable definitions. The definitions are more limited than in Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary. For example, the MW definition of sclerosis includes reference to one other disease (multiple sclerosis). Dorland's definition of sclerosis includes references to about 40 varieties of sclerosis (including brief explanations of each). Therefore, the MW medical dictionary is not the most exhaustive on the market. It certainly would not do for a Doctor, but it is quite sufficient for a home dictionary. The MW medical dictionary is not illustrated, nor does it include abbreviations for the terms defined.

Overall, the Merriam-Webster's Medical Audio Dictionary has met our needs. Since the hardback bundled with the CD was only about $10 more, we got both. The CD is great, but we still like real books too. We are pleased with the purchase.

Customer Review: Perfect...
I am a graduate student studying Forensic Medicine, Forensic Pathology and Forensic Anthropology. In conjunction with my Gray's Anatomy book- I have all the essential resources at my access. This dictionary is very complete. Also, it is larger then pocket-size but compact enough that it is easy to take around with all of your other books. Recommended for students of undergraduate, graduate and medical school classes related to the field of medicine.

Customer Review: Excellent CD-ROM Dictionary
I was looking for a CDROM dictionary that had a lot of pronunciations and was easy to use. This item was perfect. This CD-ROM is excellent for anyone who is in the medical field.

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