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Merck Manual of Medical Information


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Become an armchair physician! Anyone interested in human biology will enjoy this medical compendium, which covers basic anatomy and the spectrum of illness, injury, and treatment. Running high on solid written content--and a bit lower on the multimedia bells and whistles than you might expect--this CD-ROM offers an impressive array of links to Internet resources for further research. Some users may find The Merck Manual too general to function as a stand-alone reference, yet the broadness of information offered makes it a solid study tool, especially if supported by a more in-depth multimedia anatomy resource, such as Gray's Anatomy CD-ROM, and a detailed pharmacology index.

The Merck Manual of Medical Information gives a good overview of medical science, with well-organized, accessible articles and high-quality illustrations. The program interface is launched within a standard Internet browser, bridging the transition between accessing the CD-ROM by itself and picking up its Web updates and online resources. It has all of the features users expect--sound files that say difficult-to-pronounce terms aloud, hot-linked cross-referencing, photographs and charts that illustrate the text--and allows smoother navigation than earlier programs of this type. Generally easy to use, the interface does have a tendency to open a new browser window for every minor function, which forces users to flip back and forth between sections of data. Additionally, the cross-referencing links and search engine are designed in a frustratingly opaque fashion, making the search for specific data a hit-and-miss experience in the beginning.

Finally, while The Merck Manual has some excellent photographs, video clips form a comparatively small selection of its multimedia array. At a time when users can watch entire surgical procedures being performed on television, this omission is a disappointing weakness. Even so, The Merck Manual of Medical Information is a definite improvement over earlier electronic medical encyclopedias. Touchy topics, such as family planning and mental illness, are covered with sensitivity, rather than being ignored or glossed over, and significant attention is paid to distinguishing between the health issues of men, women, and children. This broadness of scope places medical science into its wider social perspective, one that users will find empowering and valuable. --Alyx Dellamonica



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